Monday, October 29, 2012

Where does all this Dust Come From???

Giving the house a good cleaning before I have surgery and the dust is horrible.  I always try and keep the house clean and have no idea where all the dust has come from.  We have baseboard hot water heating so it's not from the furnace.  Could be from having the door and windows open and all the wind we have had.  I would rather clean toilets than to dust the furniture but don't have a choice and have to do both, lucky me!
As a young child I remember my mom telling us that we always had enough dust under our bed to make a person and I never wanted anyone living under my bed so I would dust under there.  I'm not sure the pictures on the wall can support the weight of a person so I dusted them.


  1. lol! I hate dusting also, but not quite as much as mopping!


  2. Having the windows open does invite in a certain amount of dust. However, the primary generator of dust in any house is the people as household dust primarily consists of dead skin cells.

    1. And that is exactly what my mother was referring to when she said there was enough dust under the bed to create a person. I guess she was a pretty smart person too Mr. SLB.