Saturday, July 28, 2012

Amish Bulk Food Shopping Day

We had some things to take down to one of the Kaufman boys (Amish dairy) so we made a trip down there today.  I am not getting any milk right now until we go through the cheese that is in the freezer.  I did have a couple of items that I needed from the bulk food store and Gina had a list of things she wanted too.  I picked up 2 dozen ears of fresh corn and canned it today and also boiled the cobs for some jelly, more on those later. 
I picked our first eggplant today and we are having Eggplant Parmesan for supper.  I have several more on the plants and I've promised Gina and Renee some when I get more.  After getting nothing from her plants last year Renee didn't plant any this year.  I only got a couple last year but I decided to plant some at the last minute; I have 4 plants and they are doing real nice.  I have a couple zucchini that need picked tomorrow or Monday and am going to make a small batch of sweet zucchini relish with them.  Don't have any tomatoes that need picked; they look like they are taking a break right now.  When I pick the zucchini I will pick some peppers to use in the relish.  My peppers have done very good this year and will dehydrate more to use this winter.  The next time I dehydrate some cherry tomatoes I am going to powder them after they are dried.  Tomato powder can be used in soups and takes up very little storage space. 
Later, take care.

The eggplant that I picked today and we had less than 2 hours later for supper.


  1. I would love your recipe for the zucchini relish if you have time to share. The eggplant looks beautiful.


      The above is the recipe I am going to use, this site has some nice looking recipes.