Friday, July 6, 2012

One More Day

One more day of this horrible heat and we get a break and it is going to be in the 80's.  Now if it would rain for a couple of days life would be great.
Peaches, peaches and more peaches.  My first experience at the produce auction and I ended up with lots of peaches.  I have yellow peaches and white peaches.  I've had a taste of both and they are delicious.  They are not ripe yet and they need to hurry up so I can get them canned before we leave for Texas next Friday.  Tomorrow morning Ron and I are canning lots of new potatoes we got, then a small batch of pickled beets and then a couple batches of sweet pickle relish.  This is what I hope to get done but not sure we will get it all done. Then as they get ripe I'll can peach slices and halves, peach jam and peach pie filling.  I'll post pictures and quantities as I get them done.  By the time I get done with the peaches I'm not sure I ever want to see another one.  More on the auction and shopping when I get more time.
Now it's off to bed to get plenty of rest as I will need it. 


  1. Do you have peaches??

  2. Peaches, why yes I have peaches, peaches and more peaches.