Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, Monday

Found myself singing this tune today (The Mamas and The Papas) don't know why, oh well.  Had a list of things that needed done today and finally was able to finish it.  Yes I actually make a list and cross off the things as I do them, I have always been a list person.
One of the things I needed to do was do something with a handful of carrots that my grandson Brandon gave me from his garden.  I saw this interesting recipe for Pickled Carrots here:
and wanted to try it.  I only got a pint but that is one more pint than I had before today.  They sure look nice and smell good too.  I will wait a couple of weeks before I try them so the flavors of the spices get infused in them.  Another thing I did was to go through the stuff I have dehydrated and if they were in a Ball/Mason canning jar I took it out and put it in a different jar.  When I was in Texas my sister in law Gale and I went through all her canning jars and she was so nice and gave me all the jars that mayo or other store bought items came in that a band and seal would fit on and were not canning jars.  Now days things like that come in plastic jars.  I will use a non Ball/Mason (canning) jar if I am processing a item in a boiling water bath.  I did it years ago and almost all the jam and pie filling I did this year are in that type of jar.  I have never had a problem using a jar like that but won't use them in the pressure caner.  By transferring the dehydrated items into different jars I was able to get about a dozen canning jars.  I am still holding out hope that the guy my husband works with is still going to give me some corn to can.  Also I need the quart size to can some soup and chili this fall.

Pickled carrots.

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  1. They look great and I'm going to check that recipe out. I also use the other glass jars for herbs and items I've dehydrated saving canning jars. Just about any size jar will work and I save them all
    Sounds like you had a wonderful family visit