Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Busy Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday was a busy day, had to go to take care of some paperwork at the bank, stopped at the local library and checked out a few books on canning and homesteading.  I love to read and learn new stuff so I am always looking.  Canned 2 pints of tomatoes, took everything out of our spare closet and now the stuff is sitting in the office/storeroom.  Ron and I are working on adding shelves to store all the canned items, canning closet and other storage items.  We will add shelves that are 7 feet long and 20 inches deep.  Everything is adjustable which will be nice, if needs change the closet shelves can be changed.  The closet system that was in that closet will be used in the closet in the grandson's room.  Then we went to a birthday celebration of 3 of the grandchildren.  We didn't eat until after 8 so it was a late night for us old people.  Had some very nice Turkish food, not sure what it was all called but it was all very good.  Our new son-in-law is from Turkey and we got to meet some of his side of the family.  2 of the birthday celebrations are "new to us" grandchildren from his first marriage. 
Today Renee, Brandon and I went out to the little shop where we have our craft items to check on things.  We have had our stuff there for 60 days and things are doing pretty good.  My rag rugs are selling better than my soap and making soap is so much easier; oh well.  I need to get busy on making more rugs and need to make some specialty fall soaps.  I will probably just make some pumpkin pie soap.
After I came home I cleaned up some around the house, don't you love how it is a never finished thing.  Get it all cleaned and one thing out of place ruins it.  I hate a messy unorganized space; I can't relax when things are out of place.  Ron will be home in a few and we will need to make a list of the rest of the things we need for the shelves.  Hope to have them up and ready by this weekend so I can start organizing and putting everything back.  
Later, take care.


  1. ooo, Your new storage system sounds great! We are fortunate to have a full basement With a section set aside for canned goods. I too need more shelves as boxes (full) are on the ground due to lack of space. With this life style it seems like one thng just leads to another!

    1. We have a brick ranch with out a basement so storage has always been a problem. One thing I would love besides more storage is I would love a summer kitchen. My husband said I could have one BUT I would have had to wait to retire. Retiring early won out so no summer kitchen.