Friday, July 27, 2012

Garage Sales and Hand Doctor

Renee, Derek the 5 year old grandson and I went to a few garage sales this morning before my doctor appointment.  It was advertised as community wide sales but we found very few.  I picked up a tea ball so I can use my dried herbs to make tea, a tray that matches my set of dishes and picked up the 1/2 gallon canning jars.  I purchased 21 wide mouth 1/2 gallon Ball Jars, 20 regular mouth quart Ball Jars, 1 wide mouth Ball Jar and 25 small Ball Jelly Jars.  All the jars were new had rings and lids and only paid $35 for everything.  I was very pleased with the price and now bring on the fruit and vegetables I'm ready. 
Got my shot, as expected it hurt like heck.  Derek wanted to see me get the shot so he went in the room with me, right before I got the shot he decided he did not want to watch and left the room.  Also found out this is the last shot I can get, my third in 7 months.  If I can just get relief until after canning season I guess it's surgery time. The doctor who did my right hand has left the practice and this doctor does it a little different.  She does not put a pin in it and that is what caused the most pain.  Time will tell, If I can get thru until November I'll think about the surgery then.  In the past it took about 10 days before I had relief so I have a little longer before I get full relief from this pain.
Later, take care.


  1. How is your hand?, Gale

    1. Still in a lot of pain, shot takes about 10 days to take affect.