Monday, July 9, 2012

Amish Produce Auction and Shopping Trip

We arrived at the auction only a couple of minutes before it started so we didn't get to look around a whole lot before it started.  Almost everything is sold in large lots and it went real fast.  It was very hot and the Amish gentleman said it would move fast and it did.  They had corn, cantaloupe, peaches, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cauliflower, beets and cucumbers.  I wanted some corn but with the other things I got I knew I wouldn't have time to do it.  The auction only lasted 1 hour and while we were waiting to pay Ron was talking to a Amish young gentleman who was selling drinks and snacks.  He asked where we were from and asked about a couple of businesses and their owners and he knew some of the people Ron knew.  We were telling him that we shopped at the Amish settlement by Cuba and his cousin is the lady who runs the bulk food store we shop at.
After the auction we went to Beachy's which is the Amish bulk food store in that area.  They have expanded since we were last there and I didn't have time to look around like I wanted.  We had all the produce in the vehicle and it was 100 degrees out.  We picked up some things for Gina and a few things for us.  I picked up a 10lb box of bacon slices for $16.95; $1.70 a lb is really cheap.  I packaged it in 1 lb packages and we had some for supper on Sunday night with some eggs and used a jar of the potatoes that did not seal and fried them.  The bacon was hickory flavor, thick slices and more meat that fat on the pieces.  Very good and when we go down again we will pick up a couple of boxes of it.  Next time I also want to have more time to look at everything in the store.  Amish bulk food stores carry a lot of seasoning, spices and staple items.  The area we were in has over 1000 Amish families and a very large population of Mennonites who do most of their cooking from scratch so they carry a lot of things you can't always find in local stores.  Very nice day and want to go back to the auction again sometime in September before it closes for the season.  

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