Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Canned Bacon Results

I posted yesterday about canning bacon and that we were going to try it before I canned more.  I decided to have it today instead of Thursday and the verdict is excellent.  It came off of the paper very easy, fried up really nice and we thought it didn't taste as salty as some we had a couple weeks ago from the same package.  Would I do it again, yes.  Why would I do it again, easier storage, no freezer burn, if the freezer would go out less meat wasted, longer storage life, it is cooked and all you have to do is brown it.  If the worst would happen we would have meat that was cooked and ready to eat.  I would hope I never have to eat it right out of the jar but if I had to I could.

I fried some Yukon Gold potatoes that I canned last month and also some fresh eggs to go with the bacon.  Don't eat fried foods too often and they were all very good.

Ms. Noel, I'm not sure why you said it seems really gross.  It is fully cooked meat in a jar instead of a can.  Canned bacon was sold many years ago at K Mart and we used it when we camped because it needed no refrigeration.  You can buy canned bacon on line but it is cost prohibitive.  Long term storage in the freezer will alter the taste, long term storage canned will not.  U R 2 funny.
24 hours after taking the bacon out of the caner this is what it looks like.

Bacon unrolled out of the jar.

Bacon after peeling the paper off.

Bacon frying.

Delicious Bacon.

Some of the Yukon Gold potatoes I canned last month.


  1. You could leave it in the paper and just put it on a cookie sheet in the oven.
    We cook all our bacon in the oven, now. It is much neater and cleaner. Since you save the fat, the grease is also much clearer, as well.

  2. Thank you for this article. We used to buy DAK bacon in the can, we loved it. I wondered if this would be as good, sounds like it will. I have canned all kinds of meat that we raised, pork, beef, chickens. I will can some bacon now, thanks again.

  3. Thank you for the followup post! I thought it would cook the bacon in the canner but guess not. That's neat! Thank you for linking up at the Carnival of Home Preserving!

    1. It does cook the bacon but you need to brown it. The bacon is steamed and fully cooked, not browned.