Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nothing Different

Just another hot boring day.  I hate this heat.  Can't work in the yard, garden or even sit out in this 100+ weather.  I have tomatoes to pick and wash to take off of the line but am waiting until it cools down a little.  I do need to go out and collect eggs in a few minutes but that is as long as I am staying out.  Ron is off the rest of the week and we are going to go down to Arthur Il to a produce auction tomorrow that they have every Tuesday and Friday.  The local Amish and English farmers bring in their produce to sell it.  They sell in bulk and was interested in seeing what they have and how much you have to purchase at once.  I want to get at least a bushel of apples and peaches and want some corn to can.  Just a nice visit to a medium size Amish community and a nice lunch at an Amish Restaurant.  

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