Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peaches are Finished

I finished canning the peaches this morning; I got 6 qts of yellow and 2 qts of white.  I saved out 8 peaches to eat in the next couple of days and when we travel.  I had about 2 qts of the light syrup left after hot packing the peaches and decided to boil it down and save it for pancakes; I ended up with about 3/4 of a qt.  Started cleaning the stove top and just need to wait until the huge water bath caner cools down to empty it and clean that half.  I though after 5 days of canning it would be horrible but it has not been bad at all.  I cleaned it everyday but it still needed some deep cleaning.
My daughter sent me a bakers dozen of pint jars and I was out of pints so they are much appreciated.  I am down to 4 1/2 dozen of qt jars and will need to keep my eyes open for some more.  I will need some for tomatoes, apple pie filling, applesauce and this fall I want to can some chili, stew, split pea soup and some bean soup.  I can see now where I for sure will need more jars. 
The weather has been really nice the last couple of days with a nice breeze that makes the laundry that I hang out dry really fast.  I did sheets this morning and they look so nice blowing in the breeze.  I need to go out and add some straw to the chicken coop, pick the tomatoes and peppers.  When I was out earlier I took a close at my eggplant and found 5 small eggplants.  I have 5 nice zucchini that will be ready when I'm gone but the eggplants take longer and maybe they will be ready at the end of the month.  I told my daughter Gina to make sure she harvests the garden when she come over everyday to take care of the chickens.  I don't want anything going to waste.  She will have free eggs and veggies for taking care of the chickens.  I know it is worth more than that but she is kind enough to do it for us.  She took care of them last fall when we were gone for 2 weeks.  I warned her about the rooster who has gotten really bad at attacking everyone.  I guess it is time to send him to someones cooking pot.  Ron said last night he found someone to take him but I didn't get any details and will have to ask tonight.  When I go in the coop to get the eggs I take the hay fork in with me in case he comes in.  Last week one day I didn't take it in and he came in and I kept telling him to stay back and was trying to use the egg basket to protect myself but he pecked me on the hand and left a big bruise.  If someone would have been within hearing range they would have wondered what the heck was going on.  I kept yelling "Ralph get back, stay back Ralph, don't come near me"; of course it didn't work.  NO MORE ROOSTERS, this is our second one we've had to get rid of.

Peach syrup, white peaches and yellow peaches.

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