Monday, July 2, 2012

This Weather is Getting to be Horribly Monotonous

I am so tired of this continued heat.  I can't remember it being so hot for so long and I don't see any relief ahead.  I hung out 2 loads of wash first thing this morning and I swear I was wetter than the clothes when I was done.  I came in and tried to cool off before heading back out to pick some fresh herbs for the zucchini stuff that I'm making today and while I was out I had to water the herbs before they dry up.  Right now 2 loaves of bread are in the oven and then I will finish the Italian flavored pickled zucchini. Right now the zucchini and onions are soaking in salt water so I have a little break.
I so admire the Amish people for many things and the last couple of weeks I've thought of the Amish community that we go to a couple of times a month.  I don't know how they accomplish all that they do on a regular day little alone on days like we have been having.  Can you imagine getting up at 4 AM milking 40 cows, feeding them, feeding the horses and any other farm animals and then working in the fields.  Doing all this without modern conveniences.  Then the women do the wash by hand, hang it out, work in the garden, bake the bread, and can whatever needs to be canned without any electricity.  Canning needs to be done when the vegetables get picked or they spoil.  I fuss about hanging 2 loads of laundry out and if I didn't want to hang it out I have a dryer.  I can in the convenience of an air conditioned house with all sorts of modern  items, I am spoiled.
Passing along a use for all those zucchini from a former co worker;  she takes zucchini adds a little juice and throws in whatever fruit she has and makes a smoothie.  She has 3 little kids and they love them.  I bet you could shred the zucchini and freeze it and make them this winter like that.  Sounds rather good and might have to try one.
Try and stay cool, later.

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