Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peach Sunday

Slept in today until 7 today and before we started the peaches I had to remove the rings and wash the jars from yesterday's canning.  Then I washed jars for today's stuff and got everything out and ready.
Ron and I started the peaches about 8:30; we started out with peach pie filling and we made 16 qts and then is was on to peach jam.  We used the rest of the peaches that were ripe and got 18 pints of jam.  The peach pie filling is so bright and orange and I used the yellow peaches for it.  I used yellow and white peaches for the jam, needed to use what was ripe and ready.  I tasted both things and both are superb.  For 2 old people we really did a lot of canning the last 2 days.
There should be some yellow peaches ready for tomorrow and hopefully the rest of the yellow will be ready on Tuesday.  The white peaches won't be ready tomorrow but I should be able to start on them by Tuesday.  The rest of the peaches I will can in quarts and will do them in halves and slices in a light syrup.
Tomorrow I will be doing the canning by myself and that is why I saved the easiest for the rest of the week.

Peach pie filling made with yellow peaches.

My husband, he blanched the peaches and I cut them up.

16 qts of peach pie filling and 18 pints of peach jam.

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  1. Looks delicious! I froze some peaches this weekend to make cobblers. I don't know how women used to do so much while taking care of children!

    Stopping by from the Barn Hop