Monday, July 23, 2012

Canning Tomatoes and Bacon When in Texas

My sister in law Gale and I canned her some Roma tomatoes and bacon when I was there.  Richard had picked her up some very nice Roma tomatoes and I helped her can them.  They were very nice solid tomatoes and looked beautiful when done.  I told her about a blog where I saw that they canned some bacon so she picked some up when we went to the store and she canned it. I found the recipe and directions on this blog:
I am going to can a pound or two and try it and if it is good I will pick up some more bacon when we go down to the Arthur Amish; I can get some of the 10 pound boxes for $16.95 and can it.  Canning it verses freezing it would be much better.  Years ago when we used to tent camp we purchased canned bacon and it was good stuff.  It came in 1 lb cans and it was excellent.  I looked up canned bacon and the one we used to get is no longer made.  You can find another brand but at almost $10 a pound that would be cost prohibited.  I will keep you posted when I make it and taste it.


  1. I love the look of canned roma's. The taste canned is pretty close to vine fresh. Canning bacon would be a great way to save on freezer space. We have plenty of venison every year and I'd like to try my hand at canning it. Thanks for the link. Hope you're having a wonderful visit

  2. Also on the site from the link she tells about canning meat. When we eat all the meat that is in the freezer I am going to try and can some meat. Chicken will probably be what I will try as we eat a lot of it. I also would like to get a couple extra turkeys at Thanksgiving and can some of that.