Monday, September 3, 2012

Apple/Pear Sauce

Ron and I made 8 quarts and a small bowl of apple/pear sauce this morning.  Washed the fruit in vinegar water and then cut it up and removed any bad spots and threw them in the roaster that I had put 2 cups of water in.  We filled the roaster with the apples and pears, simmered until the fruit was soft.  We then put it through the food mill that goes on my kitchen-aid.  Out the front the peelings and seeds came and the sauce out the bottom.  So easy and this way there is no waste of any eatable fruit.  Added some cinnamon, no need for any sugar and heated the sauce and packed in hot jars and then processed in water bath for 20 minutes.  I have about 2 bushels of apples that need done and Renee and I will need to do them this week.  Only have a couple dozen of pears left and hopefully they will be ready this week.   Renee is going to check on the apricots to see how they are coming along and unless something else comes along that will be it for fruit for the season.
When Ronnie and Blossem were here yesterday Ronnie told me that he asked Blossem's grandpa about gleaning his garden when he was finished for the year and he said I was more than welcome to do it.  I guess he has several gardens in the little community he lives in.  He loves to garden and always shares his bounty with family and friends.  Renee wants more tomatoes to make more salsa, Tony has just about eaten all she has canned so far this year.  When the kids were here yesterday they helped me out and took some zucchini, peppers and tomatoes.  Reagan loves to pick the garden so she was the official picker.   My peppers have done wonderful this year.  I have a lot dried for use this winter so I am more than glad to share with others so nothing goes to waste.
I mentioned that Blossem brought her famous cheese potatoes yesterday and there was still a little left today.  She uses hash brown potatoes for the dish so for supper I scrambled a few fresh laid today eggs, browned a little bacon along with some onions and peppers and mixed all together and it is in the oven for supper.  I hate to waste anything, smells mighty fine.  We will have it along with some peaches and pears that I canned. Perfect meal.


  1. Sounds like you had a productive yet wonderful weekend. You have me driving slowly looking for trees to gleen! None so far but I have hopes of finding some yet. Most of the old homesteads or farm homes have been cleaned out for subdivisions in our area. I'll have to watch for sales this year

    1. All the trees we gleaned were in small communities. We live in a rural setting and 2 of the houses we gleaned at were in the village about 1 mile from our house. Keep looking.