Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Muggy Wednesday

Foggy, muggy fall day so it was a nice day to get some things done for the sale in 10 days.  I have everything priced and now need to get some signs made.  I will get the tables and shelves washed down next week that will be needed.  Renee came over and took some pictures so we could put the vintage canning jars on Craigslist, now we need to sell some.
When I was getting supper ready I saw some deer out back.  At this time of year we see deer out back a lot.  During the summer they are usually further down the field and in the fall they seem to migrate closer to our house.  Ron took some wire yesterday and made some protection for the apple tree trunks to keep the deer from destroying them.   We have never had a problem with them eating the garden so we are lucky.   I think the noise from the chickens help keep them out of our yard, or at least I hope they do.
Deer out back.

The sedum by the apple trees are beautiful.


  1. Sounds like your pretty much ready for the sale. I bet those jars go fast.
    Those are som healthy lookin deer!

  2. Great pictures...especially enjoyed the visiting deer. :)