Monday, September 10, 2012

Canning Bacon and Experiment With Potato Soup Mix

Up bright and early to get a going on canning bacon today.   In the first load of bacon I added a jar of potato soup mix.  The mix has 1 tsp salt, 1/4 c dehydrated celery, cubed Yukon Gold potatoes and about 1/4 # of cut up bacon.  I added water and left 1" head space.  Because I added bacon it has to process at 10# for 90 minutes (qt jar).  I did not blanch the potatoes before adding because of the long processing time.  The second load I did the same thing but added Russet potatoes.  The Yukon's are from my garden and don't have that many to do very many jars so I picked up some Russets that are on sale for 88 cents for 5 #s this week.  When we want some potato soup all I have to do is open the jar, add a little water, heat and then add some canned milk and that is it.  The bacon used was the $1.35 # that I got down at the Amish store last month, the onions from my garden, the celery is from some I dehydrated last November when I got it for 29 cent a bunch.  A pretty cheap meal and oh so delicious.  I will watch the sales in November for can milk and stock up on it.   Now I need to try out both jars to see how the potatoes held up before I make more.  I am going to test one tomorrow for supper and will see if Renee will test the other one and will let you know the results.
If the Russets don't hold up because of the long processing time I am going to still can some without anything else added to use for mashed potatoes.  5 lbs for 88 cent is very cheap and should be able to get at least 4 quarts from each bag and I picked up 5 bags yesterday.
Just put in my final load of bacon for the day, 26 qts of bacon and 2 qts of potato soup mix.  I have 1 more load of bacon and will do it in the morning and then will start on jars of just potatoes for mashed potatoes.  Not a bad day at the old ladies house.  :)

Dehydrated celery, salt, chopped onion.

Added chopped bacon.

Potatoes and water were added, removed air bubbles and ready for the canner.

Potato soup mix, Yukon Gold on the left Russets on the right.  Just by looking closely I think I will not be making it with Russets but will wait for the taste test before the final decision.
The russet potatoes will not work, you need a "waxy" potato like the Yukon or Red.

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  1. This looks great even with the russet potatoes. Thanks for sharing this at the Carnival of Home Preserving!