Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Amish Produce Auction of the Year for Us

Ron, Gina and I went down to the produce auction today for our last trip of this season.  They had a nice small variety of things but my luck in getting things real cheap didn't happen this time.  Gina did get several boxes of green peppers at $4 a box (about 50+ per box) and several boxes of eggplant for $3 a box (about 15 per box).  She also got 1 box of cucumbers, some Chinese radishes .55 cents a pint and two 1/2 gallon boxes of red radishes for $1 a box.   I got some radishes from her and that was all I got at the auction, I didn't need any peppers or eggplant.  They had acorn and butternut squash but it went for way too much for me.  We left there and went to the 2 stores where I picked up some bulk spices and some ham base, chicken base and beef base that I will use when I make soup.  On our way out of town we stopped at a Amish farm stand and picked up a couple acorn and butternut squash and 1 medium box of BEETS.  I was outbid on the beets at the auction and I wanted some more beets to can and also Renee wanted some.  I love my daughter but I am not sharing my beets.  I canned 6 pints in July and have ate 3 pints already.  I hope to get 8 - 10 pints from these and will do them tomorrow.   
When we were at one of the Amish stores where they have fresh baked items I picked up a "Whoopie Pie." I have read about how wonderful these are and I decided to try one.  I got a pumpkin whoopie pie and it is probably a good thing that we are not going down to that area for a while.  That thing was absolutely delicious; I can't even explain the taste.  I can only ask myself "why in the world did I wait until I was 61 before I tried one?"  If you are ever in an Amish community pick one up, you will not be disappointed.

Some of the pumpkins at the auction.

A huge white pumpkin at an Amish farm.

Another large white pumpkin at the same farm.

Children playing at an Amish school.

Amish school.

Children at the Amish school.

Some beautiful sheep at an Amish farm.

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