Monday, September 10, 2012

Thanks to Whoever

We live in a rural area about 1 mile outside a little village.  Our lane has 6 houses on it and is a dead end.  On the other side of our lane is a right-of-way that I keep mowed, then a ditch which is impossible to get a lawn mower in and then a street that goes into town.  Over the years we have tried to keep the ditch free of weeds but 2 years ago after working on the culvert at the end of our lane the village tore up the ditch so bad that you can hardly walk in it little alone keep it weed free.  After we first moved in I went to the village and asked why they don't keep it mowed and I was told that it was not their responsibility but it was the states responsibility.  I called the state highway works dept and they said the opposite.  It was not their responsibility but the village.  Over the years the state did come once in a while and mow it.  No one has done anything for the last 2 years so when I do my lawn I have been trying to do a little at a time.  On Saturday Ron and I got out there and tried to make a dent in it and in the process I fell and cut my leg in a couple of places, nothing bad but after I got up I said I was done.
I have the AC off and windows and door open and am canning and heard some noise out front.  I went out to to my surprise there was someone, not the village and not the state but someone was mowing the ditch with one of those huge mowers.  I sat out front and watch him do an excellent job and when he was finished I waved and gave him a thumbs up.   He honked and waved back.  Friday was my birthday and I feel like I just got a late birthday present.  So whoever you are in the big green tractor with the huge mower THANKS so much for making my day.

A neighbor stopped over and told me one of the other neighbors was telling her that I had been in the ditch and was trying to cut the weeds.  She said that she was on her way somewhere today and saw IDOT (Illinois Dept of Transportation) cutting weeds and she stopped and said that the ditch by our house needed cut and had not been touched for a couple of years except by one of the neighbors.  They said that they were not aware that it needed cut and they had not heard from anyone about it.  Let me see....someone needs to tell them that weeds need cut and if you don't call and complain it won't get done.  A good case of "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."   So the Thank You goes to Alice for being in the right place at the right time.

Another Update
Today I heard a noise out front and there was a big IDOT truck spraying the ditch.  I would assume it was some kind of weed spray.  WOW I guess it takes the right person to get things done.