Thursday, September 27, 2012

Garage Sales and Yard Work

Went to several garage sales this morning and picked up 4 dozen various sizes of canning jars for $8.  Several of the jars are vintage and I put them with the rest of the vintage jars.  If I sell them OK, if not I'll use them.  After the sales I mowed the grass.  The temp was only 70 and just perfect weather to work outside.  The trees are starting to turn some beautiful colors and some are loosing their leaves.  We have 5 maple trees in the yard and 2 are red maples.  One of the red maples has already lost 75% of its leaves.  I always bag my grass when I mow so instead of raking the leaves I just mow more often in the fall.  It looked so nice when I was done and then an hour or so later a few leaves littered up my nice clean yard.  Oh well for a few minutes it did look perfect.
The "girls" have been really nice and have been laying some nice size eggs.  Check out the size of the light brown egg in the middle of the basket.

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