Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Errand Running Day

I had several things that I needed to do today so I was up and out on the road early.  I went to the Drivers License Facility and got my license plate sticker and renewed my license.  I was there for 45 minutes.  They are very nice people and it is a small county BUT 45 minutes was way too long.  I waited with no one in front of me for 20 minutes to get my license sticker.  After waiting at that counter for about 15 minutes someone finally said I'll be with you in a few minutes.  After that I sat and waited for my turn to renew my drivers license.  Speedy people they aren't.
Then to a couple of stores to pick up some water filters and air conditioners filters.  They don't give that stuff away.  Last place I went was to a grocery store in another town to get some meat that was on sale.  I only buy meat when it is on sale and then I stock up the freezer.  I got the following for $96:
12 meals of pork roast
9 meals of pork steak
5 meals of pork ribs
15 meals of ground chuck
Total of 41 meals for an average of $2.35 a meal, which is excellent.  Now I need to find some beef roast and some chicken breasts on sale and we will be good until the first of the year.  

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