Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Ride

Ron and I went for a leisure Sunday ride, the trees are absolutely beautiful.  Below are some pictures I took.  Click on the picture to make them screen size.  Enjoy.

An old school that is being used for storage of farm equipment.

The wooden structure is a box car being used for storage.

A vulture that was having a snack of raccoon and we interrupted him.  

An old school that is falling apart.

An outhouse at the below school, someone left the lid up.

An old school that looks like someone is restoring it.

On the fence nest to the below headstone.

As we were driving past this cemetery I saw these flags waving in the breeze so I had Ron back up and go in to see what caught my eye.  This gentleman was a veteran of WW II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.   The above sign was on the fence by this and my favorite season is fall.  It was not chance that I came upon this, the flags were signaling me to come and and read the sign. 
Blue juniper berries on the tree.  The blue caught my eye and I had Ron turn around so I could take some pictures.

This was not on our ride but was the pizza I made entirely from scratch when we came home from our ride. 

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  1. was not an dad was in both Korea and Vietnam but just missed WWII...autumn is his favorite season too...he's 82 and while he enjoys the mild so Calif. weather he misses the leaves turning in his native Wisconsin. Prayers for them all...and gratitude. Thank you for sharing your Sunday ride Paula. I am thinking you are a poet in your own right.