Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pickled Veggies

Yesterday while I was sitting watching and waiting on the canner I canned some pickled veggies.  I had some brine left from the pickled carrots and some left from the beets and need to use it up.   Aldi had cauliflower on sale this week for 99 cents a head so I picked up 3 heads of it.  I had lots of radishes from the Amish trip and 1 head of cabbage left over from the mixed veggies for soup.  First I did the cauliflower and got 10 pints, next I did the radishes and got 4 pints and last I pickled the head of cabbage and got 2 quarts.  3 pints of the cauliflower have the left over beet brine and the rest of the stuff have a generic pickling brine.  They all look so good and will make a nice addition to any meal and will be nice to serve at the holidays on the relish tray.
I am down to 1 empty pint jar :( and about 36 quart jars.  OMG where did all the jars go?  I have canned close to 700 jars of food this season.  WOW

2 qts of pickled cabbage, 4 pints of pickled radishes and 10 pints of pickled cauliflower.  The 3rd and 4th jar from the left
is cauliflower done with the beet brine.




  1. Fantastic, you are an inspiration. I can a lot, but you have sure inspired me. If you shut down this blog, please let us know where we can find you. I enjoy reading about you and your friends and relatives. Thank you. DeeKnitter fm KS

    1. I love doing the blog so I don't plan on stopping it. Again you are so complimentary.

  2. You are making me hungry! Thank you for stopping by the Carnival of Home Preserving and linking this great post up!

  3. 700 jars?? Wow you are a canning machine! Good for you!