Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

Today was absolutely beautiful out.  The temps in the low 70's, a little breeze and the beautiful sun was out.  We went into town I got my hair cut, picked up a few items at the store and then back home.  I then put a Pepsi can chicken on the grill and made some baked beans to go with it.  It turned out really nice and just fell off the bone.  Tomorrow for supper we will have leftovers from yesterday and today.  We have leftovers at least once a week for supper; I refuse to waste good food.  The rest of the day I just sat and looked up some recipes on the internet.  Tomorrow I will start working on canning bacon.  I have the jars washed and everything out and ready.  It will probably take 2 days to do the bacon; the canner holds 7 qts and each load takes 90 minutes processing time.  So each batch will take about 3 hours and I hope to do 3 batches tomorrow.

Our delicious Pepsi can chicken. 

The bees and butterflies were all over my sedum plants on this beautiful sunny day.

My peppers are still doing wonderful.  I got my first pepper on May 31st and they still are producing.

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