Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Get-Together

Everyone was over today for lunch and a visit.  I made a brisket and a rack of ribs on the grill and they were both mighty good.  Blossem brought her famous cheese potatoes, Renee brought a pasta salad and Gina brought some fresh fruit and cupcakes.  Almost everything got ate up but there is a little bit of those delicious potatoes left that I am going to eat in a little while.  We ate indoors and then went out and visited while the kids played.  Reagan (11) loves the chickens and always wants to dig worms to feed them.  First I helped her then Ron helped her find some.  She gets in the chicken run with the chickens and feeds them and holds them.  Derek (5) also got in and was holding one of the chickens under his arm walking around and talking to them.  They had fun pulling each other in the wagon and Derek even tried to pull Gina (41).  He is such a character, he is so active and very even tempered and gets along with everyone.  Of course I forgot to take my camera out with me today and got "zero" pictures.  The weather held out and it made for a nice day.  Nice breeze, in the low 80's and the sun was in and out.
Later, take care and have a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow.

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