Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tattler Lids, Review Coming Next Week

I received 1 dozen regular mouth lids and 1 dozen wide mouth lids yesterday in the mail to try.  I read all the info that came with the lids and am anxious to use them.  I will be using the dozen regular mouth lids to can some chili beans and want to do some black beans in some wide mouth jars.  I'm not sure how many wide mouth jars I have now and will have to check.  This year I have put up close to 700 jars of food and have paid $1.40 for regular and $2.20 for wide mouth lids.  The initial cost for Tattle Lids is a little pricey but the ability to reuse them sounds wonderful.  I will post my results next week when I use them.

Tattler Lids that I will be trying next week.


  1. I have some to use too. I actually forgot I had them!! I've pumpkin to can Monday & will use them then.

  2. I bought 200 Tattler lids in the early summer, 100 reg. and 100 wide mouth. It took a while to get the hang of them, now I have 100% success. The trick is to leave the screw band loose, just tight enough to hold the lid on, after taking out of the canner, tighten them for at least 12 hours.The ones that didn't seal I washed with soap and water,rinsed, heated and reprocessed and they sealed. At first I would have at least 1 that wouldn't seal, then I discovered I had the band way too tight.Now I heat in hot water(not boiling)and leave the burner on as I seal.Let them sit in the hot water at least 10 min. to soften the rubber. I reused the ones that didn't seal and they sealed. I have 562 jars filled!!!Love , Gale