Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vintage Canning Jars

I finished pricing the vintage canning jars today.  Renee came over yesterday and we did some and I finished them today; now we need to add lids to them.  We need to add the original lid if at all possible to make them more valuable.  I have the lids sorted so the hard part is done.
Finished canning the russet potatoes that I started yesterday.  I am caught up with the things that need canned and an more than happy to take a small break.  Tomorrow I will work on the lids, Thursday I am going to sit with Renee when Tony has back surgery and Friday we are going down to Arthur, IL.
I did the yard work yesterday afternoon.  The yard looks like a park after it gets done.  The rain has turned the grass nice and green, the trees still have their leaves and the temp has been perfect.  Wonderful weather, keep days like this coming.
Later, take care.

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