Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not Apricots but Small White Cling Stone Peaches

Whet to the library tonight and went by the trees that we thought were apricots and they are not apricots but small white flesh cling stone peaches.  It looks like I am finished with canning fruit for the season except for the pears I have that should be ripe by the weekend.  I also stopped and got a closer look at some apple trees I saw earlier today.  I thought about getting some more but am sticking by my earlier decision not to do any more apples, pears and peaches.  I have enough fruit and need to do some veggies if I find some.  I would love to find some more potatoes and beets to do.  The potatoes I canned earlier this season are so good and very handy.  We had some for supper that I added some butter and parsley to when I was heating them up.  We also have them when we have eggs for supper and I add them to the crock pot when cooking a roast.  I add them about 2 hours before the roast is done and they turn out so nice and a pint is the perfect amount for the 3 of us.  I only did 6 pints of beets and 2 are already gone.  I like to serve them when we are having a get-together because almost everyone likes them and they are so good for you.  Next year I will for sure plant some, they are easy to grow.

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