Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clothes Pin Bag

When we were down at the Amish auction we stopped at a couple of garage sales.  One of the sales was at an Amish home and I picked up a little girl's dress for 10 cents.  When I was a child my mother would take an old toddlers dress, sew it across the bottom and use it for a clothes pin bag.  I have been looking for a small dress at sales with no luck.  You hardly ever see little girls in dresses anymore.  With the dress came a apron/pinafore so I made 2 bags.  I was telling the young mother what I was going to use the dress for and she told me that was an excellent idea and now she was going to make some.  I told her that it was a good way to recycle old small dresses and I'm sure she could sell them.  Wonderful memories and now I have 2 clothes pin bags made from an a little Amish girl's dress.  LOVE IT.
My new clothes pin bags.

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