Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Closet Storage is Finished

My husband, grandson and I went shopping and picked up the rest of the stuff for the closet last night.  We were able to get all the shelves hung and I finished organizing it this morning.  I love all the room I have and also sorted out things that were in the closet and have 2 boxes of stuff to get rid of.  The shelves are 75" long and 20" deep.  I have 5 full shelves and the part we had to cut off each shelf (they were 96" long) I used to make the top shelf.  I brought in most of my canning jars from the garage and am storing them on the new shelves waiting to fill them up.

Right side, top to bottom; storage containers, silicone  molds I use for soap,  tomatoes, corn, peach salsa,  1/2 gallon jars. wild grape juice to make jelly, quart jars, sewing items.

Right side, different view.  The 2 buckets have sugar in them.

Left side, top to bottom; freezer bags that have a Christmas design on them and got them on clearance last year for 75 cents a box, the Saran Wrap was only 50 cents each,  deodorant, vegetable shelf with potatoes, carrots, beets and pickle relish, peaches and my 1 jar of bacon, pie filling shelf with raspberry, blackberry and peach pie filling and next to the pie filling is the peach and raspberry jam, empty pint jars and misc items on the floor.  

Left side but different view.


  1. Good job my dear friend, it was well organized. Keep it up so that things will be seen directly.


  2. Great organization! Looks so nice and neat. There's something about filled jars of home canned goodness all lined up on a shelf.

    Thank you for linking up at the Carnival of Home Preserving!

    1. I am so proud of all of the canned items; makes me feel really good that I did it.