Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Poem

As I was looking through an Amish cookbook I saw the following poem:

"It's Up To You"
Author unknown

Have you made someone happy or made someone sad?
What have you done with the day that you had?
God gave it to you to do just as you would.
Did you do what was wicked or do what was good?
Did you lift someone up or put someone down?
Did you hand out a smile or give them a frown?
Did you lighten some load or some progress impede?
Did you look for a rose or just gather a weed?
What did you do with your beautiful day?
God gave it to you.  Did you throw it away?

I need to start asking myself this everyday, I want to live everyday with purpose and not regret.   I never want to say "what if" or "I should have done that".  I believe things happen for a reason and for some reason I saw this poem and for some reason it just struck me.  Would I have a positive answer for each question asked, no.  Can I work on some things, yes.


  1. A nice kick in the rear for us all. But, don't let yourself get a case of the coulda shoulda woulda's. Each day is a clean slate where we start over.

    1. I never have lived the coulda, shoulda game. A former co worker would say "It is what it is". This is why I try to do everything and not put things off. I've had too many family members who played the "putting things off game" and not living long enough of not being able to do things later. I live everyday to the fullest and love life.