Friday, November 2, 2012


Yesterday I had surgery to replace the basal joint in my left hand.  It was a long day, had to be at the hospital at 9 AM and  didn't go to surgery until 1 PM, the 2 ahead of me took longer than expected.  We left the hospital at 5 PM, stopped and picked up pain meds and ice for my ice pack.  Wednesday I made  a pot of vegetable beef soup to have after surgery and came home and had a cup of it, it was simply delicious.
By 8:30 I was in bed and I was up and down all night trying to get the pain under control.  I've been up since 4 AM and am not having much luck with the pain.  There is not a lot of pain meds I can take because they make m itch.  She went ahead and wrote for one that makes me itch and when I take it I also take Benadryl so I won't have that problem.  So I have 2 different pain meds and neither are helping much.
I started a log this morning to record what I took and when so I don't get mixed up and take too much.
I for sure will be doing something I haven't done in years and that will be taking a nap or two today.

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