Wednesday, November 28, 2012

People and Garbage

Went outside for a while to "get the stink blown off" and to collect the garbage cans from the end of the drive.  Usually Ron brings them in when he gets off work but I decide to do it.  Two of the cans are on wheels and I decided to pull one behind me and go along the stretch of road by our house and pick up garbage.  I managed to fill the can half way up with garbage collected on both sides of the road for about half a block.  It amazes me that people throw garbage out of vehicles like they do.  What is wrong with people?  This is public and private land and not a public dump.  There is a proper place for garbage and it is not along our roads.  There were 3 beer cans and at least a dozen plastic water bottles along with paper and cardboard.  Keep the stuff in your vehicle and dispose of it properly when you arrive at your destination.   Do I feel better now, NO.

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  1. People do this on the rural road we live on as well. It is so annoying! My Dad picks it up everyday when he does his daily walk and he fills 1/2 a garbage can every week. It is sad that people litter like that.