Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Check Your Weekly Grocery Ads

Now is the time to check your weekly local grocery ads to check for items that you use and are on sale.  You can dehydrate, freeze or can these items to enjoy later.  Items to check for right now that will be on sale will be:
turkeys; can, freeze, grind your own ground turkey
hams; can or freeze
celery; dehydrate or freeze
cranberries; can, dehydrate, freeze
sweet potatoes; can or dehydrate
potatoes; can or dehydrate
onions; freeze or dehydrate
If you are too busy this week to put up any of the above items up remember you can freeze the meats until you have time, cranberries can be put in the freezer right from the store and done later and the potatoes and onions will be OK for a couple weeks.  The only thing that really needs done immediately is the celery.

Also on sale will be cream of mushroom soup, green beans, sugar, flour, baking items.  If you use any of these items now would be the time to stock your pantry.  If you buy items ONLY when on sale you can save  a lot of money.  I can't remember the last time I purchased an item that wasn't on sale.  Even when I did not can I always purchased items when on sale only.  If you can change your buying habits and buy on sale items only and stock up this is the only way to do it.

Example, if you eat canned green beans regularly, buy a case when on sale and put them up.  Then when you see something else you use all the time purchase it in bulk.  Slowly you can build up your pantry and save money doing so.  Don't forget watching for meat items to be on sale and stock your freezer.

To me it's a challenge, be a wise shopper and buy when on sale only.


  1. This week our local Market Place(Boyd) has HoneySuckle White hen turkey, .48cents a lb( I have several $3.00 off coupons) 10lbs white potatoes,$1.00, 3 stalks celery,$1.00, sweet potatoes,3lbs for $1.00, Cook's bone in ham, $1.18lb,swanson's chicken broth,$.38 a can,New Red potatoes,$.50 cents a lb,carrots,$.50 a lb,onion $.50a lb,Green onions and Bell pepper,$.50 a lb. Might be the cheapest for the year, don't know. I need tocan some new potatoes. Blessings, G.

    1. Your turkey prices are very cheap, so far the cheapest here is 67 a pound. I was really hoping to find them cheaper. Celery is 49 cents, cranberries 99 cents. The potatoes are about the same as we have. I hope to get my veggies Sunday and will get some canned and dehydrated. It all depends on my DR appointment tomorrow. For sure the stitches will come out but not sure how big the next cast will be or maybe it will be a brace. I'm praying for the brace option.