Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dehydrating Celery

I picked up 8 bunches of celery for 49 cents each so I could dehydrate some to use for the next year.  Got all of the celery cleaned and use the Kitchen-Aid slicing tool to cut the celery.  This cut the celery up very fine so it will dry faster.  I stacked the celery on the 5 trays as deep as I could so I would have 1 batch only. When slicing the celery a lot of the liquid drained from the slices and I kept this to use when making the dressing for Thanksgiving.  The celery scraps went to the chickens and turkeys for a nice green treat so nothing went to waste.

8 bunches of celery.

One of the 5 trays celery.

The dehydrator full of celery.

Some of the liquid from the celery that I saved to use when making dressing.

This is the 8 bunches of celery dehydrated.

One quart and about 1/3 of a pint of dehydrated celery from 8 bunches of celery.

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