Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Love Craigslist

I have a couple "wanted" ads that I renew twice a week on craigslist.  I have the one for canning jars that has netted lots of free jars and an ad that I am looking for egg cartons.  Someone answered my ad today for egg cartons and I was able to trade 2 dozen of eggs for 102 egg cartons.   Canning jars, egg cartons, 3 chickens and the breeding pair of turkeys all free from craigslist.  Last year I got a bunch of treated wood that I used to make a couple raised garden beds and Renee made several raised beds for her yard.
People throw away good useful items and most would rather find someone to use them.  Try it, you need to make sure you renew the ad every few days and of course if you use craigslist make sure you follow all security precautions.
I also read the "wanted" ads to see if someone has a need I can help with but so far haven't seen anything. 

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