Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend with Miss Reagan

This weekend Reagan our 10 year old granddaughter spent the weekend.  Reagan is a diabetic and was diagnosed a couple months before her 9th birthday.  When she comes her mom goes over everything with me (refresher course) so I am able to do what needs to be done.  Reagan takes care of her blood sugar, does her pump and knows what she needs to know to be able to live with this horrible disease.   The only thing she doesn't do is calculate the amount of carbs she eats.  You or I just sit down or grab something to eat anytime; before Reagan eats anything someone needs to look up the amount of carbs something has so she can program that info into her pump so she gets the correct insulin amount.   Her parents pretty much can figure that out without looking things up now.  I use the internet to look things up, a scale to weigh the stuff or measuring cups.  Her life is in your hands so I am pretty nervous when she is here. I want to make sure that I do everything as close to perfect as I can.  At supper her blood sugar was high, 400, and I was upset as to what did I miscalculate.  At bedtime we did the blood sugar again and this time it was 407.  Now it was time to call her mom to see what could possibly be wrong.  Stacey went over things and she decided it could be her pump, Reagan changed her pump and did the other things her mom told her to do.  It was the pump, there was a kink in the tube.  Some tense moments but we got through them.  Having the high blood sugars meant that I needed to do them every 2 hours throughout the night if needed.  Stayed up to 11 did the blood sugar and it was down to the high 200's, down but still high.  Called her mom with the update and she gave me all the directions I needed and what to do.  Got back up at 1 AM and the blood sugar was down to the high 100's so we were going in the correct direction and meant I could sleep the rest of the night.  Can't say I slept real good, you always worry about the what ifs.  This morning her blood sugar was 108 PERFECT.  Childhood Diabetes Type 1 is horrible and her parents are saints to go through this everyday.  This year she is being home schooled because of some serious neglect at school last year.  I don't think that people understand how serious having diabetes is.  Not doing things correctly can be devastating.  If you get the chance please donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation to help find a cure.  Thanks

Reagan sitting with the Kindle.

Playing a game on the Kindle, she earned some time by being good and cooperative.  

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