Monday, November 12, 2012

My Find at the Auction

This past Saturday we went to an estate auction, one of my favorite past times.   I bought 2 Presto Deluxe 17 quart canners for $12.50 each.  They are in excellent condition and now when pressure canning I will be able to do more at a time and cut down the amount of time it takes me.  I was hoping to fit the 2 new canners and my 23 quart canner on the stove all at a time but will be able to use only 2 at a time.  I thought the canners looked much smaller than they were.  Oh well I have a spare or a loaner to loan to the girls when they have huge amounts to put up at one time.  For the price I couldn't pass them up.  All I need to do is wash them up and I will be ready for my next canning adventure.


  1. Replies
    1. They were in such good condition I couldn't pass them up.

  2. OMGoodness, what a find, I need another canner SO bad, if you see another one like that, please pick it up for me! Not asking for one of those, you sure can use them, but, if you run on to another pressure canner, please get it for me. We made it through the Community Thanksgiving Dinner, we made almost 400 meals. I thought my shart fat legs would turn to rubber!!! LOL!! Take care,sending our love, G.

    1. Yes it was a wonderful find and I was very lucky to get them at that price. It's "off season" for canning items and is the best time to get things like this.
      Glad you had a nice community dinner, take care and I will keep my eyes open. Auction season is really done until spring. They still have them but not as many. :(