Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Re-purposing an Old Rolling Pin

I've had some free time this month and have been surfing looking at a lot of blogs. I ran across a blog about re-purposing old kitchen utensils and saw a cute idea using a rolling pin as a towel holder.  This past weekend at a auction I got 2 old rolling pins, one for $1 and another for $3.  The $3 one I will be using it for the towel holder.  I am still trying to figure out the details on how I want to hang it.  The $1 rolling pin I decided to use it as a door decoration.  I used a vintage doily and added double stick tape to it, an old spoon bent up to use as a hook and some old skeleton keys.  The spoon is attached with a small u nail.
It's amazing at some of the things people make using old items.

An old rolling pin with a vintage doily, a old spoon and old keys.

Spoon bent to hold the keys.

PJH Desisgns



  1. I think you should call the county and tell them there needs to be a sign on your road declaring it's against the law to throw trash on the road, that they can be fined up to ?.It might deter some. Love the towel holder!!!Blessings, G.

  2. There is a sign and there was plenty of trash around it. We asked for it several years ago and can't say there has been any less trash since it was put up. Some people are just lazy slobs and no sign will change them.

  3. You are so right Paula! We have the same problem on our road. They drive down it at all hours of the night throwing out their beer and whiskey bottles and whatever else they have in their car. No sign helps. Grrrr. Oh well I think your use of the rolling pin as a door hanging is so cute. Very clever. Thanks for linking up at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs. Peggy

  4. I have it on my list to link up to you on Tuesdays. Thanks