Thursday, November 15, 2012

Have I Said How Much I Love Craigslist????

Craigslist it is the worlds best site.  I know I've told you about how a couple months ago I placed a "wanted ad" for canning jars.   I've had several people answer it and have purchased jars from 1 person and 5 have just given me them free.  So far since Saturday I've gotten 11 dozen jars free.  1 dozen of the wide mouth quarts I got today are still in their sealed box.   The 7 dozen jars I got today are from an older gentleman that lives less than 2 miles from our house.  If you have craigslist in your area it is worth it to place an ad that simply says "canning jars wanted".  I put a picture of my canning closet on the ad and the last 2 people who have given me the jars have mentioned the picture and both said they wanted to give them to someone who would use them.  We were talking to the gentleman today and he was telling me about all the fruit trees he has and said I could come and pick the fruit he doesn't want.  Free jars and the possibility of free fruit.  I will never have to buy jars again.  Again if you use craigslist take all security precautions.   

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