Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend in Review

Friday was doctor day where I got the cast off and stitches out and a brace on.  I will have to wear the brace for 2 weeks and then will start therapy.  The brace is hot and for sure a fashion statement.
Brandon came over to spend the night and to take some pictures for me of the canning jars that I am putting on eBay.   He took pictures on Friday night and some more yesterday morning.  Then we went for a ride out in the country and Brandon took some nice pictures of the scenery.  Renee picked Brandon up when she got off work.  Before I put all the stuff for taking the pictures up I took some more pictures.  Now I need to get the descriptions done and will post them later this week.
Went shopping today to get some things for Thanksgiving and picked up 8 bunches of celery to dehydrate and 10 bags of cranberries to can.  I plan on doing the cranberries tomorrow and Tuesday Ron will help me do the celery.  I was hoping to get a couple turkeys to can but the prices are higher than I wanted to pay.  I will keep my eyes open after Thanksgiving to see if I can get a bargain.   

My beautiful brace.

It's black and will go with everything.

Hand after first washing in 2 weeks.


  1. Your hand looks like it's healing nicely.
    I'm about to have hand surgery on both of my hands.

    I hadn't thought about of dehydrating celery, duh!

    You're an inspiration.

    1. You can use dehydrated celery in so many things. You will be amazed at the amount you start out with and what you have in the end. You will use it more when you have it dehydrated so if you are going to dehydrate some make a lot. I hope to get some more to dehydrate because it goes so fast.
      Thanks, I just like to share what I have found to work. Sharing ones knowledge has really gone by the wayside because of the lifestyles we live now.