Friday, November 2, 2012

Feeling Better

I'm feeling a little better than I did early this morning.  I laid back down at 7 AM and got back up at 9 AM.  Slept off and on for the 2 hours, the itching kept me awake.  We went to town and picked up a few groceries this morning and then had a salad and sandwich at Applebee's before we came back home.    Took 1 of the pain meds when I got home, didn't take 2 because it makes me itch too bad even though I take the Benadryl.
Thanks to Renee for coming up to the hospital yesterday and helping pass the time.  Also Brandon has called several times to check on his old grandma and I really appreciate that.   Brandon and I are going to make our own incubator to hatch turkey eggs and he is anxious to get it started.  I sent him a list of the things we are going to need so he can start gathering the supplies and he already has started to collect things.  He likes when we do things together, he craves the one on one time.

1 comment:

  1. Happy to feel you're feeling a bit better. Sending good, healing thoughts that you'll be up and around and getting to work with your grandson on the incubator!