Saturday, August 11, 2012

4 Boxes Done 13 More to Go

Ron and I worked really hard today making salsa, chili sauce and pasta sauce.  We got 14 pints of salsa, 26 pints of chili sauce and 15 quarts and 1 pint of pasta sauce.  We used all the peppers that we got and half the onions to make everything.  We only used 4 boxes of tomatoes and have 13 more to go.  Next thing we will do will be chopped tomatoes in quart jars then tomato sauce in pints and then I'm not sure.  Thinking about trying  tomato jam since I have soooooooooo many tomatoes.  Long hot day in the kitchen; I'm sure I'll sleep good tonight.
I used my 2 roasters today; in one roaster I put jars and water and this is how I got my jars hot and the second roaster I simmered the pasta sauce.  With so many things going at the same time I did not have enough room on the stove.  I plan on using the roasters tomorrow to simmer down the chopped tomatoes.  It sure helps cut down on the heat in the kitchen.

By using a baby spoon it makes it easy to remove the seeds and white membrane  from jalapenos. 

Spice bags ready for the chili sauce.

The roasters; one for the jars to get them hot and the other is full of pasta sauce.

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  1. Great idea putting the jars in the roaster!!! I used my roaster for jam, I cooked my peach apple butter all night on low and it was perfect the next day. It's still SO hot here, can't get out! 105 today, couple days ago it was 110!!! Brian said their wine was awfull!!!! LOL LOL!!! Gale