Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yard Work Day

Up and outside by 7:15 to start the yard work.  Before Brandon came out to cut the grass it had started to rain.  I kept weed whacking and he cut the grass.  The rain stopped for a while and we got everything done. When I was out front cutting the weeds in the ditch I found the below, nice size snake skin over 4 1/2 feet.  It is raining again and that is wonderful, every little bit of rain helps the garden.  When we were out back we saw some deer out in the field.  The deer were out there for a while; Brandon took some nice pictures of them.  I worked on the yard for 5 long hours and my arms and shoulders are hurting big time.  Bedtime will be early for me tonight.
Last night while eating some popcorn 1/2 of one of my back teeth broke off at the gum line.  It is not painful but the edge is sharp and I'm afraid that more of it might break off.  I called the dentist and am waiting for a call back.  A visit to the dentist is NOT one of my favorite things.

Deer out back.

Snake skin that I found in the front ditch.


  1. Shoulda put that skin in dads passenger seat.

    1. Brandon and I thought about putting it in a box and giving it to Renee.