Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wonderful Saturday

I had plans today to go to an auction and while I was at the auction I wanted Ron to take Ian to a car dealership in the area where he had spotted a car.  Ron dropped me off and I found some quart canning jars and there were 10 boxes of them and each box had about 15 jars each.  It was going to be a while before they got to them and it was horribly hot out today.  I walked around a lot and spotted a tree stump in the shade and proceeded to sit there and wait it out.  When they got close to the 10 boxes of quart jars I left my tree stump and went over to the area.  On my way to find a spot I saw 4 boxes of pint jars that I had not seen earlier.  Each box had 3 dozen jars in them, if I could get the quart jars really cheap, under $3.00 a box I was going to get them and I was willing to pay $10.00 a box for the pints.
The bidding on the quart jars went to $5 a box but the person who won the bid only wanted 5 of the boxes of jars and they were in some wooden boxes.  So the bidding on the other jars started and I won the bid and got each box for $1.00.  I was like thrilled; 5 boxes of quart jars for $5.00.  I won the bidding on the pint jars and got each box for $10.00.  That was 144 pint jars for only $40.00 dollars.  I then called Ron to tell him I was done and to come and get me.
He said that they were really interested in a car and they had called Renee's husband Tony to come out and check the car to make sure it was a good bargain.  Tony knows a lot about cars and used to race stock cars so I wanted his approval before they got it.  He said they were in the process of trying to get it at a lower price and he would be right out to pick me up.  While I was waiting I was talking to the lady who got the other 5 boxes of jars and she said she really didn't want the jars, they wanted the wooden boxes as her husband makes things with old wood.  I asked he if she wanted to sell the jars and she said she wanted $5.00 for all the jars.  Of course I said yes.  All she wanted out of the boxes was several old blue jars that she uses to display things in. With the 5 boxes that I bought and the jars I got from her I ended up with 134 quart jars for $10.00.  If you can you know that this was a real bargain; I was on cloud 9.  We loaded up everything and headed to the car dealer.
Ian ended up with his first car and this is a big accomplishment.  He has been saving his money and was able to pay cash for it himself.  Ian is 21, got his license in May, goes to a junior college and also works there.  Ian is very intelligent and has asperger's syndrome.  When he got his first job I cried, then this year he got his drivers license and now a car.  He has come a long way and we are very proud of him.
Today was great, God is great.


  1. Wow, what a great deal for you! Wonderful price on the jars!
    Your son, must be so proud of him. Bet he takes wonderful care of his new girl!

  2. THANK YOU for telling us about your day. Your son is an inspiration and I think I'm a little jealous about your jars!

  3. Wonderful job on getting the jars, and your son, you should be so very proud. To be able to pay cash is amazing, to go to school & work with asperger's syndrome that is just awesome. Congratulations Ian.

    1. Yes we are very proud of Ian, Ian is our grandson who lives with us. He is a very good young man and it just takes him longer to get comfortable with things before he does them.

  4. Great job, great price! I had a big find of glass like that a few years ago.