Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Green Grape Jelly, Grape Juice, White Peaches and Tomato Preserves

Started my day out by juicing the green grapes which took a couple of hours, Renee arrived in time to help finish straining the juice.  Making the jelly took forever and it has not set yet.  It looks like I will need to take it all out of the jars, add more pectin and process it again.  I've never had jelly or jam not set before.  We got 11 pints and 2 quarter pints of jelly, 13 quarts of grape juice and 10 quarts of white peaches.  We still have some white peaches that should be ready Friday.  I will do them for us and will need to do some of my pears.  Before I do much more I will need to buy some regular mouth seals.  After Renee went home I made 6 pints and 2 quarter pints of tomato preserves and put 3 trays of chopped peppers and 2 trays of cherry tomatoes in the dehydrator.
First thing tomorrow I will do the yard work and then will go into Renee's house where we will be picking apples and pears at one of her neighbor's house.  I am amazed at the amount of people who have fruit trees and don't use any of it.  We've asked 5 people so far about picking their left over fruit when they're done picking and all 5 have said they don't use any of the fruit and we could have all we want.   My wish list yet to can would be apples sauce, apple pie filling, pear slices, pear sauce, more yellow peaches, pumpkin and some squash.   When it cools down I want to can some chili beans, black beans, white beans, lima beans, bacon and some broths.  I have dehydrated and canned a lot of food this year.  Making things yourself is so rewarding.  I thought I would end up having a lot of empty jars at the end of the season but if I keep getting things they will all be filled which will be wonderful.  :)
Later, take care.

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