Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Jar at a Time

Like the Johnny Cash song "One Piece at a Time" I am building up my stock of tomatoes one jar at a time.  I canned 3 pints this morning and brings my total to 10 pints.  Next year I will plant a lot more tomatoes so I will have more to can and can a variety of tomato things.  I found the recipe for chili sauce that my grandmother made and I really loved it.  Chili sauce will be on the list of things I want to can when I get a bunch of tomatoes.  Maybe I will find a bargain tomorrow at the Amish Produce Auction.
Later, take care.

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  1. Chili sauce canned is wonderful. I make a basic mild sauce which can be used for other dishes that require a "zip" and is easily spiced up for a hearty pot of chili