Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wonderful Day of Gleaning

Our (mine and Renee's) day started out with making 19 pints and 2 quarter pints of concord grape jelly from the grapes we picked on Monday.  After the jelly we went up town and picked peaches, pears and a few apples at one house.  We then picked huge beautiful white peaches and some yellow peaches at the second house.  While we were at the second house the man from the first house drove by and said that the grapes were ready and we should come back and pick them.  We finished and then went and picked the white grapes.  So far we have barely made a dent in the amount of peaches there is.  We did pick all the white peaches and they are ready to be canned tomorrow.  We will start out with the grapes that have all been removed from the stems and washed.  I will get up early and get them juiced and we will make some jelly and make white grape juice with the rest.  After the grapes we will can the white peaches.  The pears should be ready at the end of the week.  Renee will can her pears and I will can mine.  The apples can wait until the first of next week and we will use them to make applesauce and we will do them at my house.   Renee will can yellow peaches at her house, we are giving some yellow peaches to Gina and when the girls get what they want I will can some more yellow peaches.  If we had not picked the stuff it would have just sat and rotted.  
Top to bottom; yellow peaches, white grapes, white peaches, white grapes, white peaches, pears, yellow peaches.  All this stuff was gleaned Tuesday August 21st.

Yellow peaches gleaned Tuesday August 21st.

Apples, concord grapes, pears; gleaned Monday August 20th.

Yellow peaches gleaned Monday August 20th.



  1. If you have too much feel free to make me some fruit leathers... MMMM!

  2. Gotta love free food! We have been gleaning pears, walnuts, and chestnuts as well as been given peppers by two different friends.

    Thank you for sharing this at the Carnival of Home Preserving!