Saturday, August 18, 2012

Closet Done

The closet project (installing closet organizer shelves) went very smoothly.  It only took a couple of hours from the time I took everything out to the last item being put back in.  After I was finished doing the closet I straightened up the rest of the house and then went out back to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I love not having to run the AC and to be able to sit out.  Since it has cooled off a bit we see the deer a lot more right behind the chicken coop.  Haven't seen any bucks yet but have seen a lot of does with their fawns.  The yard needs to be cut the first of the week.  The cool weather and the rain we got has perked it up nicely.  Monday I need to take the oldest granddaughter to the eye doctor because her mom has to work.  If I get back home earlier enough I will do the yard work on Monday, if not it will have to wait until Wednesday.
Later, take care.

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