Friday, August 17, 2012

I Need to Stop Making Plans

Yesterday I made plans to make apple pectin and to clean the grandson's closet; well I did neither.  Got a call from Gina this morning and she needed a ride back home after dropping her vehicle off so I didn't start anything because I needed to wait for her call.  When I was dropping her off my son Ronnie called and said he would be by in the afternoon to pick up his bacon we got last week for him.  When I left Gina's house I stopped at Renee's and her and I went to Kroger's to get some briskets that were on sale.  After dropping her off I went to the bank, returned some library books and came home.  Ron came home from work, my ex daughter in law brought the granddaughter to our house because this is where Ronnie was meeting her.  Visited with her for a while, Ronnie came, visited with him and the granddaughter for a couple of hours, they left, we went out to eat, came home and now going to bed.
Tomorrow for SURE we have to get the closet done.  I picked some zucchini when Ronnie was here and he took some home but left the giant ones so I need to grate them tomorrow and freeze them so they don't go to waste.  I think I'll also cook some for supper tomorrow to go with the corn on the cob and make it a vegetable day.  In the summer we have days where we don't have meat and eat what is fresh and dictated by what is ready in the garden.

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