Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

It is absolutely beautiful out today.  We received a little over 1/2" of rain yesterday and the front brought much cooler weather, it is only 84.  There is a nice breeze and the sun is shinning.  I planted 4 eight foot long rolls of peas today.  I put 2 rolls in the raised bed that I grew potatoes in and 2 rolls I put in my new "Back to Eden" garden.  The green beans that I planted last week are up.  I will plant garlic in September and also some lettuce and that will be it for this year.  When I was out in the garden I picked a few tomatoes and a couple zucchini.
We had ham today for lunch, ham is Ian's favorite meat and it was to celebrate his getting a car.  There is a lot left over so I am going to can some quarts of split pea and ham soup tomorrow.  I also plan to dry some cherry tomatoes for tomato powder and grate the zucchini that I picked.
Later, take care.


  1. Sounds like a great day. The back to eden garden sounds neat, I was reading up on them last night. Is this your first planting in it?

    1. Yes this is my first planting in it. I started building up the space about 2 months ago and will use it next year. I thought I would try a small area to test it out. The space is 8' X 32' and 8-10" deep with shredded tree stumps, straw form the chicken coop and grass clippings. I will continue to add grass clippings and straw from the coop until I plant next year. I am anxious to see how the peas do.